Ayurveda is an ancient medical modality from India that comes from he words Ayush, meaning ‘life,’ and Veda, meaning ‘science’ or ‘knowledge.’ Admittedly, I’d never even heard of this modality until my CAM class last semester. And now, I just finished my internship rotation in this diet oriented ancient medical practice. For a patient’s first … Continue reading

Self-Care Sunday: Turn off the News

Inflation, shootings, people doing all around bad stuff. My mind can only take so much bad news before I spiral into thinking this country is terrible and I want to leave! Therefore, I'm declaring Sunday to be a NO NEWS DAY! With one caveat. The Sunday Morning Show with Jane Pauley’s calming demeanor. Even the … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday: Turn off the News

Tactical Sports Medicine Internship

My second internship rotation at SCU Health is with a department I'd never heard of before. Tactical Sports Medicine is basically worker’s comp rehab for first responders, athletes, and people going through the academy to become first responders. The doctors’ treatment objective is to reduce injury risk and decrease recovery time. Primary focus is placed … Continue reading Tactical Sports Medicine Internship