If you’re a big picture person like me, it’s easy to over think situations and pass up opportunities to find joy in little everyday things. For example…

A few days ago I was deep in thought while walking around my neighborhood, when I saw a dad and his two preschool children approaching me. One of the kids looked down and squealed, ‘Tiny pine cone!’ The dad affirmed his statement, ‘Yes, a tiny pine cone,’ followed by a discussion of what to do with it. This conversation reminded me of my own preschooler back in the day when she would get excited over the littlest things. Each time, it was as if she just discovered something remarkable.

My finger pointing to the tiny pine cone.

Come to think of it, it is quite remarkable how such giant trees can grow from little seeds.

This week, remember to appreciate the little things that can make a big change.

Take care ❤️😊