What do you see yourself doing this week? Is is good or not so good? Last week I had to call in for jury duty. Luckily, I didn’t have to go in! So this week, I’m looking forward to not having any obligations beyond going to work, my volunteer day on Tuesday, Wednesday small group, and a dentist appointment. That’s it! 😆

In my spare time, when I don’t feel like doing anything, I’ve been playing a game on my phone called Wordscape. It’s sort of a scrabble type game, where you’re given letters and you have to make words out of them. Here’s what the screen look like…

Those are the letters I have to work with, and those two arrows on the top left will rotate the letters into different combinations. I found this surprisingly helpful when I get stuck and can’t find any words. But I did manage to find these before I got stuck.

Then I shuffled the letters around and got the main word using all the letters, ‘baseman.’
Wasn’t long before I got stuck again and reshuffled.

And I was able to finish!

My point is, sometimes it’s easy to feel stuck in a situation because we’re only seeing one point of view. I ‘reshuffle’ my thoughts by talking to others that I trust so I can get their point of view because they may see things differently. And then I‘m not stuck in my thoughts anymore!

Hope this helps! Take care ❤️