It was very bad luck that I got sick for BOTH Thanksgiving and Christmas!! I’m coughing and sneezing as I’m writing this, but doing much better! So how does one pass the time when they have to stay home and away from loved ones so they don’t get sick? (BTW, it’s a cold, not COVID!)

While searching through my phone for fun apps to play, I discovered that someone downloaded Candy Crush from our shared cloud account. I really didn’t pay much attention to this game years ago when millions seemed to be obsessed with it. But now that my days are spent resting in bed, it seemed like the right time to give it a try.

And now I get it! I’m no ‘gamer,’ but I can definitely see how people got hooked on this colorful game with the over the top stomping graphics, fairy-tale music, and cute candy play pieces. And after playing this entertaining game for three days, you can see how far I’ve traveled down the Candy Crush lane…

…and see all of the gold numbers? Those are levels I won on the first try!

But oh the drama if I fail a level 😂

I mean, seriously. That character looks like someone stole all her candy!

Anyway, it’s something to pass the time while I recover from this stupid cold. Hope all of you stay well, and have a happy 2023! ❤️