2022 was not what I expected. Oh, the year’s never do go according to plan. But this one for me had more drama than 2020!

The year began with me working part-time at my church while attending school to pursue a career as a health coach. It was a pivot I made after a year of unsuccessfully trying get a job in marketing. I finished school, but could not get a medical job anywhere. Even my friends in the medical field couldn’t find anything for me. It seems my education wasn’t enough to meet marketplace expectation of what experience is needed. I was beginning to feel hopeless that I would never have a decent paying job again. And at age 56, I’m too young to retire! It was a real battle to keep my mental wellness in check.

Then things took a turn back full circle… almost. Some very nice millennials decided I was right for their part-time graphic coordinator position. It paid $10/hr. less then what I was earning at the job I lost in 2020, but there were some nice perks. Like being able to work remotely out of state to take care of my mom. Which brings me to the next unexpected drama of 2022.

First, my mom tells us she fell and broke her coccyx (tail bone). Then, a couple months later, she called me from the hospital to tell us she fell and broke her hip. We headed out to her house where I stayed for a week with her after she came home from rehab. Then, a couple months after that, she calls from the hospital to say she fell a third time! (That’s three times within 6 months.) Now we had to except the reality that there was no way she could live alone anymore, which I wrote about in a previous post. 

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. We (actually my husband) found a great deal on a place for her that’s just a couple miles from our house! So after I stayed with her throughout most of November, we moved her in. 

All that’s left now is selling her house and everything in it we don’t want, which is 90% of it. But, that’s a 2023 chore. For the rest of this year, I’m just going to chill (if life allows me to do so) and ring in the new year in my pajamas falling asleep at 10pm. 

I’m not even going try to predict 2023! Happy New Year! ❤️