During the 2020 lockdown, many people (including me) turned to baking banana bread, and other feel good carbs, to cope with being stuck in our homes. Without a job, I’m basically in a similar situation. Home all day, and struggling to find ways to fill my time. And now, this even carries over into the weekends. So without much else to do, I got sucked into the seasonal pumpkin spice vortex and baked an experimental pumpkin spice cookie recipe I made up.

There’s something about focusing on a recipe that calms me down. This process of creating something delicious is very self soothing for me. The smell of the spices, the sound of the mixer spinning, sneaking a taste of the raw dough. I’ve got to figure out a zero calorie cookie recipe so I can do this more often!

Fresh out of the oven!

This recipe is basically an oatmeal chocolate chip recipe with an additional 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin, a cup of rolled oats, cinnamon, cloves and allspice. My family approved! And yes, I’m eating one while I’m writing this. 😋🍪

This Sunday, or any Sunday, take time to enjoy a little sweet treat, and take care. ❤️