Let me explain. I took this photo (yes standing in the middle of active railroad tracks) shortly after I lost my job in 2020. Now, 2 years later, I’m still looking for full-time employment!

I never imagined back in March of 2020 that I would soon be without full-time employment for over two years, but here I am. It’s an anxiety filled struggle every day. But I also know God is with me every day, and will see me through this challenge.

This message is to encourage anyone who’s life was turned upside down, and now struggles everyday to find a little peace, a little joy, a little reason to not give up. Don’t give up! God loves us and is with us, through the good and the bad days. 🙏🏼

God is love, it’s the world that is full of pain and hurt. Take care of yourself, do the best you can with gratitude, and God will take care of the rest in HIs time.

Take care. ❤️

3 thoughts on “Self-Care Sunday: Journey with God

  1. Don’t give up! A powerful message for everyone to remember, always. Thank you Deb. I hope you don’t give up too in your search for employment. Much love. <3

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