Inflation, shootings, people doing all around bad stuff. My mind can only take so much bad news before I spiral into thinking this country is terrible and I want to leave! Therefore, I’m declaring Sunday to be a NO NEWS DAY! With one caveat. The Sunday Morning Show with Jane Pauley’s calming demeanor. Even the worst news coming from her still makes me think everything is going to be okay. So I’ll watch the various forms of their sun logo, listen and enjoy the much slower pace of the show without people yelling at each other (who knew that was a thing! 🙄) and then turn off the television for the rest of the day so I can get the mental rest I need.

This isn’t the first time I’ve addressed the connection between the news and mental wellness. My first post was after the insurrection last year. There are plenty of people who can consume the news all day long and not be effected by it, but I’m not that person. My anxiety went through the roof that day!

The biggest problem I have with consuming negative news is that I’m an action person. Doing things like passing out food to the less fortunate during the pandemic is how I want to channel the negative news I hear into something positive. These kind gestures only work for a limited number of situations. Otherwise, it’s just passively watching the world burn so to speak. And I can’t do that for too long without going into a depression.

Self-care can simply be about what makes us smile. Find that, and be intentional with incorporating it into your life. One thing that always makes me smile is this happy look on my dog’s face.

Not a care in the world

I mean, just look at her. Bailey doesn’t know how high gas prices are, but she does know she is loved by us, and wants to know when we’re going to play again. Ignorance is bliss!

Which is why this Self-Care Sunday is dedicated to a day of ignorance about the news headlines… at least for today. I’ll tune back into the rubbish tomorrow. But for today, we have balls to fetch!

How about you? Do you also find a need to takes breaks from the news? I’d love to hear your feedback, particulary if you don’t need breaks from the news. I would really like to understand that perspective.

Take care ❤️

One thought on “Self-Care Sunday: Turn off the News

  1. I love this post! I do the exact same thing. Avoid the news. Unplug from the Internet and my phone. Consume things that make me happy. I have always liked the Sunday Morning show too. Sunshine for a Sunday. ☀️💜

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