For some people, spending time with family may seem more anxiety inducing than stress relieving self-care. But fortunately for me, spending time with my mom is actually a form of self-care for me. And it’s all because of how we care for each other.

This weekend marks my mom’s 85th birthday, and we’re celebrating by taking her out to her favorIte restaurant, working on zig saw puzzles, and watching some of her favorite shows…including a hockey game! Mom grew to love sports mostly because my dad loved watching sports. Now that my dad has passed, she still continues to watch them. Wish I had the same sports enthusiasm, but I don’t. My sport is listening to her enjoy it.

The truly unfortunate thing is that she lives in the desert where it’s over 100 degrees most every time we trek out there to visit her. Luckily, a nice pool is there waiting for us.

Mom never learned how to swim, but she’s a good sport about watching us enjoy it. I’m very lucky to have a mom who knows how to show genuine love and care for all of us.

Have you done any self-care today?

Take care 😊☀️

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Mom’s 85th! 

  1. Happy 85th to your mom! How wonderful that you love spending time with her… the way you feel about your mom is the way I feel about my sisters… I love spending time with them as they always bring me back to my childhood… just sisters!

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