It’s finals week, which means I’m almost done with my Spring 2022 semester. And once this mental torture is over, I can begin my summer internship! 

It’s a stressful time for anyone who’s a student. In fact, my daughter just finished her finals last week, but with only one or two melt downs. I only have three classes, but some if it is pretty intense. I mean, check out the study guide for my health insurance class…

Yep, makes me wish I was studying this subject in a different country, cause America is the worst when it comes to how complicated this sh*t is!

Fortunately, I’ve also been learning about meditation and other ways to eliminate stress, so that’s helping me keep my mental health well, in addition to the tai chi study from my last post. 

Once this week is over, you’ll be seeing more posts from me again. Sorry to say I haven’t been the best at reading and keeping up with yours. But that will change soon.

Wishing you all a great, stress-free week! ❤️ 😊