This past weekend, I celebrated my birthday looking out over the Pacific Ocean as a Peregrine Falcon spots a tasty morsel of food and flies with absolute precision to nab it. The best part was that this bird landed on my gloved fist so I could take a good close look at its beauty. Fortunately, I was able to capture it all on slow motion video.

Bunco can see clearly two miles away, so he never misses!

The folks at Total Raptor Experience really know what they’re doing. They care for the birds in a way that respects their natural instincts to fly and hunt. It was also heart warming to see how they patiently shared their knowledge with four young children in our group. Our class lasted about 2 hours, and we got to interact with two different falcons. I was so happy with the amount of time we got to spend with them. The birds also got some free flying time, where we watched them dive from the sky at unbelievable speed. This is how they kill other birds, by hitting them hard and fast in mid-flight. We were told they can penetrate the sky at 100mph, but I’ve seen other sources say over 200mph! Either way it’s amazing, and almost scary, to watch in person! I highly recommend these raptor classes as a way to appreciate the beauty and awe of these amazing birds.

Take care ❤️

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