Fall semester is over! It’s been quite a ride trying to keep up with my studies while working part time, but I did it! Papers, presentations, exams, all a thing of the past. I’m enjoying learning how to be an Integrative Health Coach… but it’s a lot! Especially my human diseases class. 

Four exams worth 45 points each and the final was 75! Since it was multiple choice I found out my final grade right away and it was 90%. Barely an ‘A’ but I’ll take it! Combined with my other grades, I got an ‘A’ in the class. And thanks to an extra credit assignment, my grade bumped up to 98%! And since this program is all about diseases, the instructor was kind enough to make our extra credit assignment a breath base yoga class, taught by one of our class mates who’s also a yoga instructor at the school. I guess she figured the breathing techniques would do us good right before our final.

I’m really not big on yoga since I’m about as flexible as an ironing board, but this class was so simple, even for me. Full confession, I probably wasn’t fully utilizing the breathing techniques as well as I could have while buried in all of my assignments. But now that the semester is over, I’m going to revisit this video, and try these techniques once more.

Give it a try and see how you like it! Especially at this time of year, let’s take care of ourselves, and take a deep breath…

Feature image by Monstera at Pexels.

4 thoughts on “Self-Care Sunday: Breathe

    1. Yes, I’m out of school until the end of January, which is extra given it’s my birthday month. Not that I’m looking forward to getting older, but it’s better than the other option. 😆
      Hope you and your family get to enjoy this time of year. 😊❤️

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