Today I went to a local elementary school to help fill planter boxes that our outreach group built as a community project. The principal wanted us to construct the boxes, line them with plastic, and then fill them with dirt. The students will choose what plants go inside them and plant them as a project to make the school more visually appealing.

Getting this large planter box ready for the students to fill with plants

This is beautifying project is ‘the standard’ the principal wants to set as an example of excellence. And you can see this standard throughout the school. A previous project was painting the doors. A future project will be constructing a ‘river of rocks’ made from stones that the students painted. And then there’s the never ending pursuit of stopping vandalism and keeping the school clean.

One of two smaller boxes filled with Majesty Palm plants. Still needs a little clean up.

According to the principal, too many students come from homes that do not have standards of cleanliness and respect for property. So she‘s taken it upon herself to not only to teach academics at her school, but also teach the value of keeping the school grounds clean a beautiful. As she’s says, “You don’t need to have a lot of money to just be neat and clean.” In other words, respect for where you live, work and play is not based on economic status. But on how much you choose to make it a priority.

I couldn’t agree more!

Feature photo by Keira Burton at Pexels.

2 thoughts on “Set the Standard

  1. Yes, absolutely we need to respect that place where we live. Beautiful teaching to the students. Well shared ☺🌹

  2. I love this. The children she talks about is what I experienced growing up.. There was definitely lack of respect and pride for personal property. I like the idea of teaching children they are each responsible for the space that they occupy. It is teaching them accountability, responsibility and the power of one student can make a difference. 🙏

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