Registered, check! Paid, check! Books, almost. Excited to be attending actual classroom time, check and double check!

Almost all of my books! Still waiting for two more to arrive.

Class has begun, and for this fall it’s scheduled zoom classes. Which means I’ll actually get to interact with my classmates this year. I was a little concerned about the less than flattering zoom camera showing my age, but as it turns out, my integrative health classes have quite a few mid-life career switchers. I guess that’s what a pandemic does to people.

And they had so many amazing stories to tell about their journey about how they got to this point. I expected to get educated, but the level of drive, compassion, service and all around bad ass stories I’ve been hearing really motivate me to do better and be better.

Which means that for this self-care Sunday, I’m going to stop, take a breath, and be thankful for this opportunity I’ve been given. To learn and move on into what should be a pretty satisfying career adventure. Yes, I’m calling it a career adventure, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from school, it’s that it never teaches you everything you need to know for your job.

Yes, change can be scary, but I believe regretting not taking the chance is worse. Would you agree?

2 thoughts on “Fall Semester, with a Life Lesson

  1. I would absolutely agree 🙌 while I’m not the biggest fan of change, not taking that chance is scarier bc you can’t do anything about regrets.. I’m so glad your return to school has been a positive experience so far ❤️

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