Since I started school a week and a half ago, I’ve read 10 chapters, taken three quizzes, written five discussion posts, and that’s just the beginning! I still have midterm exams, a research paper, and of course final exams to look forward to finishing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, the reason why I haven’t posted as often as I used to, is I want to get ‘A’s in my classes. And so far, I’ve accomplished that. Need to stay on track though cause the medical terminology class is tough. And the public health class is a whole ‘nother thing! But I like the challenge. A month ago I was struggling to fill my unemployed days, now I have something productive to do everyday until August. Then the fall semester starts! Am I crazy for doing all this instead of planning my retirement?

According to this article from GoRemotely, I’m not alone in this educational endeavor. It states my Gen-X generation is the most likely to go back to school, although their 75% figure seems a little high. When I was in my 20’s, the boomer media called us the ‘slacker’ generation. I guess we showed them!

But it does makes sense that Gen-X would be most willing to go back to school because Boomers are thinking about retirement, and many Millennials are job hopping with their current education status.

Even still, looking at the avatar photos of my classmates (we’re learning online) I can easily see that I’m the oldest one. And that includes the teachers! No matter, I have to do what I have to do. Graphic design wasn’t doing me any favors, so let’s see how working in the medical field goes. I guess if it doesn’t work, I always have the option to cash out and move to a little condo by the beach.

Take care everyone.

Feature image from Pexels