This past Monday I began my first day of school at our local community college. The goal is to finish a one year program in order to receive a certificate in Integrative Health Coaching. This semester’s classes are Medical Terminology (Ugh!) and Public Health.

It’s a far left turn from my previous career as a graphic designer, but I’m so burned out from the demands of being a designer that I was ready for a change. Change isn’t easy, but it’s exciting to be on this new adventure!

As far as the classes go, they are not only online, but they don’t have any specific time to meet. We’re given a syllabus, some direction from the instructors and off we go! It’s been a challenge for me since the last time I was in school it was done the old fashion way. Get in the car, drive to the campus, spend 10-20 minutes looking for a parking space, and then go to class.

But hey it’s all good! I’m just thankful to have this opportunity to get a fresh start in a new career. One thing I learned in my life is that when opportunities present themselves, it’s better to go for it than regret not even trying. After all, if it doesn’t work out, you can always move on to the next life chapter.

Here’s to starting new chapters!

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