Thinking about self-care Sunday (SCS) had lead me to thinking of how our minds can go to some dark places. I suppose any number of factors can contribute to this, both circumstantial and biological. Maybe the worst moments for us come when we allow other people to define who we are, instead of fully embracing who we are, just the way we are created.

Sometimes, what helps get rid of the dark thoughts in my head is remembering when I had fun on vacation. So I scrolled through some photos of a trip to Oregon we took a few years ago, and took notice of something many of them had in common.

Most photos were taken outdoors on beautiful, sunny days. The light was so pretty, and even inspiring. So I decided to create my own self-care memes with these photos.

Yes, there is a theme to this SCS post. Light.

It’s just too easy to let our negative thoughts run amok in our minds.

So let’s take a moment to shine a light on the positive things in our lives, and within ourselves.

Have a beautiful Sunday. ❤️

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