For mental wellness, I’ve been taking walks with my friend around our nearby lake. And spring is the best time to be there, because this is when the baby birds are hatching and waddling around with their families.

These are Canadian geese, and are native to the northern part of North America. But we see them pretty regularly in our southern area. I also found out from personal experience that they will hiss at anyone who gets too close to their babies. I guess that’s something we have in common. 😂

This mama bird is an Egyptian goose. They are native to Africa and once considered sacred amongst the ancient Egyptians. How they got to California I just don’t know. But I do know those babies are fun to watch!

Here’s another shot of them. As you can see, their camouflage works really well against the rocks. Too bad I’m not a better photographer! I also had a heck of time getting all of them to turn and face the camera! Fortunately, this mama bird doesn’t hiss and get aggressive the way her Canadian cousin does. 😬

Anyhow, I hope my rudimentary photographs of these birds was enough to brighten your day as much as it does mine when I see them in person.

Have a great week!

Feature photo by Brett Sayles at Pexels.

2 thoughts on “Waddle Wednesday

  1. Thanks for sharing!! We went for a lovely trail walk yesterday and saw geese and ducks too 🙂 my daughter kept pointing them out in the river we walked along, so nice to be out in the amazing weather we’re having!

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