Happy World Laughter Day! 🥳 😆

The first Sunday in May is World Laughter Day, which was founded by Dr. Madan Kataria. He established the first World Laughter Day event in Mumbai, India on May 10, 1998. Dr. Kataria is a family doctor in India and the founder of the Laughter Yoga movement. He started the Laughter Yoga movement based on the idea that facial expressions have an effect on emotions. So in theory, the facial expressions of laughter, would have a positive effect on our emotions.

I’ll do a deep dive into the mental health benefits of laughter in my next blog post. But for Self-Care Sunday, I’m going to celebrate this day by sharing the Instagram posts that got me through the not so funny 2020 year. 

There were many social media memes and videos that made me laugh, and I was thankful for those pandemic diversions. But no video or meme made me consistently chuckle and much as the El Arroyo sign posts. 

If you don’t know what I’m referring to, please go look up El Arroyo on Instagram. El Arroyo is a Mexican restaurant in Austin Texas with a marquee sign that posts timely jokes and pop culture references. And it was posts like these that grew their following during the pandemic:

Remember the election that seemed like it would never end?

And then we FINALLY get to the end of 2020!

Hope these signs also gave you a chuckle on this World Laughter Day. To see their current posts, check out El Arroyo on Instagram

I may just go have a margarita now. 🤪

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