Continuing from my last post about getting ready for surgery, I took a COVID spit test, which was less than pleasant. And it also came back with inconclusive results! I found this out the DAY BEFORE my surgery, which is nuts because I have to get a negative result in order to have the surgery!

So I rushed back down to the testing site, explained my situation, and got the swab up the nose test. Thankfully, I got the results back the morning of my surgerynegative!! So on with the surgery!

Thank goodness the surgery went well, I was a little concerned about the results. You see, this was a breast reconstruction surgery after my mastectomy in 2019. I was diagnosed with something call ductal carcinoma in situ or DCIS. My diagnosis was that this form of DCIS was very aggressive and I could develop invasive breast cancer if it’s left untreated. Therefore, I opted for the skin sparing mastectomy, with immediate reconstruction surgery that gave me a temporary implant.

Now I’m two days out from my permanent implant surgery and feeling thankful it all went according to plan. You never know what can go wrong!

But seriously, I’m not completely healed, that’ll take a few more weeks. Thankfully I don’t have any pain, just some soreness. I’m also restricted on my exercise and how much I can lift. So my husband and daughter have stepped up to walk the dog and do a few other things I can’t do. They’ve been great!

I’m just going to rest today, which will make my husband happy because he’s already accused me of doing too much. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hope all of you have a great Sunday!

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  1. So glad your surgery went well ❤️😇 and everything worked out in the end with the test! What a nail-biter, jeez! 🙌

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