This Easter weekend looks much different from Easter last year when we had to stay home and watch the service online. Now people can attend the events person!

Saturday I was at church helping with the egg hunt. We had over 400 families show up for the event! Families still have limited options for what they can do with their high energy children, so we really had to step it up!

I was lucky enough to get placed in the infant toddler area. Watching the little ones toddle around collecting the eggs was so fun! As you can see by this photo, we didn’t go to great lengths to hide the eggs.

And yet, some kids still struggled to find them! 😆

Later that evening, our family colored eggs without shame. By that I mean, no one was under the age of 18, and didn’t care! It was a fun project and l just loved having our little family doing something together.

Now I’m writing this post on Sunday morning, 4:30 in the morning to be exact. Stress an anxiety is still effecting my sleep, but at least I can look forward to a great day today. Our family will be attending the church service, and I’m sure will be seeing friends we haven’t visited with for a long time. Then it’s a relaxing day at home. Not the most exciting weekend, just a time to be thankful we’re together, and thankful for this day God has made for us. 

Whether or not you choose to celebrate Easter, I hope you all have a beautiful day.

Take care. ❤️