Yes, I’m a little late with the spring tribute, but I saw this bee buzzing around our blooming Japanese pittosporum bush and just had to record it with my phone. At this time of year, the bush develops flowers that have a sweet smell that’s very similar to jasmine. And lucky for me/us, I caught this bee at just the right moment!

Some people are afraid of bees, but I find them fascinating to watch. The way they buzz around from flower to flower, collecting nectar to make honey is mesmerizing.

No bees were harmed during the making of this video 😊

And then there’s this little gem I found on the internet…

Since this is a mental health blog, I should also address the health benefits of the honey that bees make. In fact, there’s a whole branch of alternative medicine called apitherapy that uses honey bee products, including the bee venom! I’ve never tried it, but some people really believe in it.

Some would also say that because honey is a form of sugar, it can spread serotonin and dopamine in the brain which can then mitigate depression and anxiety. But unlike refined sugar, it doesn’t cause a spike in our blood sugar levels.

My only medicinal use for honey has been when I have a sore throat. I swallow a tablespoon and find it to be very soothing. Others like to add honey to their tea for a comforting drink.

Either way, however we choose to consume honey, let us not forget that it came from the hard work of our buzzing bee friends.

Happy Springtime Everyone!!