“There’s a redwood forest.”

What? Did I hear my husband right? We live in Southern California, not Northern California where the famous Muir Wood redwood trees are located. He then went on to explain that a few redwood trees were planted in Carbon Canyon. So I decided this would be a perfect Self-Care Sunday get away!

Once we got there, it was just a short walk from the parking lot before we were greeted with this sign.

If only we were lucky enough to actually see a mama bird feeding her babies. But I did manage to spot this hawk…

Okay, it may be hard to tell, but that bird-shaped thing at the top of the tree is a hawk. I was so caught up in watching it spread its wings and fly away that I forgot to take a better picture. 😝

Another sign we came upon explained how on earth this non-native species of redwood got here.

Back in 1970, a bank was giving away redwood seedlings. (I couldn’t make this up if I tried 😂.) So when this park opened in 1975, the seedlings were planted. Today, these 46 year old trees are not nearly as big as their cousins up north, but they’re still quite large…at least compared to me.

This really was a beautiful and tranquil place. Something about being in nature always calms me down. How about you? Feel free to share some of your favorite self-care places to visit. ❤️

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