This self-care Sunday began Saturday morning with a trip to the farmer’s market for some fresh herbs, fruit, vegetables… and kettle corn.

See this is what happens every couple of weeks. I go on a health bender to fool myself into thinking the unhealthy things I was eating before really don’t matter. 😉

What I love about the farmer’s market is that everything is fresh, local and we’re helping small business owners like Jimmy, the avocado whisperer. No seriously, he bags the avocados in order of ripeness, and predicts exactly when they will be ripe! It’s absolutely amazing!

After we got home with our abundance of produce, I prepared the baby carrots and cauliflower to be roasted. Which was just drizzling with olive oil, salt, then roast at 425 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

The parsley and cilantro got blended into a chimichurri sauce to mix with the vegetables. This sauce is also delicious on meat and fish.

Parsley, cilantro and the kale I fooled myself into thinking I’m going to eat before it goes bad.

Did I mention I was snacking on the kettle corn while cooking? 😀

After the vegetables finished roasting, I mixed the carrots with the chimichurri sauce. Delicious! The cauliflower works with it too, but I also enjoy just plain cauliflower.

The next morning I put the fruit to work on some strawberry pancakes. Hey, high-protein pancakes! 😀

pancakes with sliced strawberries on top
I ate my pancakes before thinking to take a photo, so here’s a photo by Nadi Lindsay on

Later I did a zoom workout with some friends, then had chicken salad with one of the avocados. Yum! Later, it was more veggies and fish for dinner. Not too bad of a day. It was nice to have some healthy food already prepped for me to enjoy.

Now all I need to do is turn this weekends healthy cooking into a weekday culinary commitment.

Leave a comment below if you have any simple and healthy recipes you enjoy making. Take care.

2 thoughts on “Self-Care Sunday from the Farmer’s Market

  1. Oh gosh all that food looks so yummy! I love farm fresh Veggies! My husband and I go through phases… Lately we’ve really really enjoyed getting fresh buns from our local bakery and doing a steak salad sandwich! The steak is cooked to medium rare how we enjoy it and we simply use the sweet Kale salad kit for the greens! .. Easy peasy! Sooo yummy!

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