Is Valentine’s Day really about love, or is it about obligation? Do we drive ourselves nutty by feeling like we have to buy something… say something… making sure to please our significant other or else Valentine’s Day will be a heart shaped failure. And what if we don’t have a significant other? Should we feel bad about that on this alleged day of love? And who invented those terrible message hearts that taste like stale sugar and preservatives?!

I guess it all comes down to how we define love. For me, the best definition of love is in this passage from 1 Corinthians…

Imagine for a moment if everyone took this message to heart (pun intended.) No boasting or acting proud. Controlling anger, not keeping score. Speak the truth. Trust, protect and never give up hope. I know that’s how I wish to be loved. And now that I have this in writing I’m going to work harder to hold myself accountable to these actions. Because at the root of it all…

And Valentine’s Day is just another day to make what you want of it. Or just ignore it all together. Either way, I hope we all learn how to give and receive love with the people closest to us.

And remember, chocolate hearts are on sale February 15!

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