Does change tend to drive you nuts? With the recent inauguration of our new President, it got me thinking about all of the changes that have happened recently in my life, and in the world. Some for better, some for worse. But either way, I’ve learned that change is a constant in our lives no matter how much we may want to push back against it. So is change something to embrace, or something to fear?

Before Amanda Gorman recited her stirring inaugural poem, she wrote this book, “Change Sings.”

Fear of change really comes from a negative point of view, thinking that any change will make things worse. And that point of view is validated every time something negative does happen. So how is it possible to take a more positive approach to change, even embrace it? For my own mental health, I find these strategies work the best:

1. Seek sage advice. Look for someone who’s had a similar experience with what your are fearful of, and ask for their perspective. What prompted them to make a change, how did they do it, and how did it make them feel? And don’t be afraid to ask how they may have done things differently, that’s where the real lessons are learned.

2. Avoid ‘failure fixation’. Instead of focusing on failure being a bad thing, think of failing as learning. And spin what you learned into a positive. Then move forward with a new plan based on what you learned. 

When I started this blog, I knew it wasn’t perfect, but I also knew that if I worried about it being perfect, it would never get started. And sometimes, starting is the most important thing you can do as a first step towards embracing what could be a positive change in your life.

3. Embrace vulnerability. I really struggle with this one. I often have my walls up out of fear of rejection or getting hurt. But when I do make myself vulnerable towards connecting with new people, the payoff of having new friends in my life is truly the best kinds of change. 

4. Embrace taking a risk. Once you move past vulnerability, say yes to taking a risk. Even a small risk, like trying a restaurant that serves a different type of cuisine. I find that once I begin to embrace taking these risks, my confidence level grows, and change is far less scary. Even if the risk does result in a not so favorable outcome, I can gain confidence in knowing I was able to move on.

5. Focus on what is certain in your life. Your friends, faith, family members, heck even a pet if you have one! The places where we find security can give us the confidence to embrace change. I know I sure couldn’t do it alone.

So what gets you through changes that may seem scary? Leave a comment and let me know!

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Embrace Change

  1. I think, for me, change is a scary concept because I am leaving a comfort zone and preparing for potential failure (I guess that’s the pessimistic-me talking). I’ve been better at embracing it with age though, because I always think about the alternative (especially if I am unhappy and any change is needed). Great post!

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